Cavansite Ball On Heulandite, Pune, India #TB23

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Comfortable Transition Through Major Life Changes

Cavansite is a beautiful and rare mineral that forms sparkling blue crystals.  It can only be found in a Pune in India.  Because of its rarity and difficulty to mine, Cavansite is rarely collected. Cavansite is usually blue in color, with shades ranging from ultramarine blue to greenish blue.

Cavansite is the stone that you must have if you are going through major changes in your life. This stone will fill you with courage and confidence during your period of transition.

You will be able to let go of your misconceptions and be reassured by your knowledge of your own actions.

Dimensions : 3 Inch X 5 Inch X 3 Inch
Weight: 1.0 LBS

Location : Pune, Maharashtra. India,
Year of discovery : 2003
Chemical composition : Ca(VO)Si4O10•4(H2O)

Benefits :
Cavansite is a stone of revelation, breakthrough, understanding, prophecy and spiritual enlightenment. It helps with clear communication and can assist in connecting us to guides & teachers when we are ready to move to the next level.

Key words: Clairvoyance, clairaudience, access to akashic records, enhanced communication, consciousness expansion

Chakras: Third eye, Crown

Element: Wind

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Number: 5

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