Black Bubbled Chalcedony Natural Mineral Specimen # B 4671

  • $ 75.00

An extremely huge Geode piece fixed with dark stalactitic Chalcedony, part of the way covered with a shimmering dreary Chalcedony druse, and facilitating a completely focused, profoundly clear harmony hued Stilbite tie precious stone. There is another, more modest Stilbite gem close to a corner, yet it's the unblemished, focused Stilbite precious stone that captures everyone's attention! The radiance, contrast, precious stone development and equilibrium is extraordinary.

Primary Mineral(s): Chalcedony
Secondary Mineral(s): N/A
Matrix: N/A

8 cm x 5 cm
Weight : 375 Gms

Locality: Nashik, Maharashtra, India
Year of Discovery: 2021

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