Fluorite (unusual color and form) Botryoidal on MM Quartz Natural Mineral Specimen # B 4890

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Most of the time, they have a golden to yellow tinge to them, but this piece is significantly different because the surface has a dark brown tone.  When backlit, the Fluorite "balls" have a deep orange colour to them, but when reflected light hits them, they have a distinct brown tint to them. Fluorite "ball" with the biggest diameter.
The Fluorites are set off perfectly by the Quartz crystals that lie beneath the surface of the rock. There was no damage, except for a small area around the perimeter where the piece was removed from the pocket wall.

Primary Mineral(s): Fluorite
Secondary Mineral(s): N/A
Matrix: MM Quartz

2 Inch x 2 Inch
Weight : 0.090 Kgs

Locality: Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
Year of Discovery: 2021

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