Thomsonite (Rare Find Mineral) Balls Natural Mineral Specimen # B 4820

  • $ 200.00

Thomsonites from Aurangabad are arguably the finest examples of the species extant. This is a really fine quality display specimen featuring a pair of semi-velvety radiating spheres of Thomsonite with a very rarely seen reddish-brown color measuring across sitting on a layer of beige Heulandite with a few associated white blades of Stilbite on matrix. The rich warm hue seen in the Thomsonite is virtually unheard of for the species, and the quality, balance and overall aesthetics of the piece are just wonderful. A lovely dispaly piece of one of the rarer zeolite species out there..

Primary Mineral(s): Thomsonite
Secondary Mineral(s): N/A
Matrix: N/A

5.5 Inch x 4 Inch
Weight : 385 Gms

Locality: Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
Year of Discovery: 2021

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