Sapphier Thumbnail Natural Mineral Specimen # TH2

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Sapphire is one of the two gem-varieties of corundum, the other being ruby (defined as corundum in a shade of red). Although blue is the best-known sapphire color, they occur in other colors, including gray and black, and also can be colorless. A pinkish orange variety of sapphire is called padparadscha.

This Sapphire is in blue color naturally found in madagascar, blue sapphires get their colour from titanium and iron trace elements. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, blue sapphire rates 9 out of 10, so it is a very durable gem

Primary Mineral(s): Sapphier
Secondary Mineral(s): N/A

Box Size : 1.5 Inch x 1.5 Inch
Weight : 20 gm

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