Apophyllite Cube with Stilbite Natural Mineral Specimen # B 4255

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A classic association specimen from the Deccan Trap featuring robust, highly lustrous, sharp, well-formed, blocky, white and colorless crystals of Apophyllite which are associated with highly lustrous, soft peach colored "sheaves" of Stilbite. There is a small area on the back where a Chalcedony "core" can be seen. The main Apophyllite crystal at the center of the specimen is pristine, but the outer edges of the specimen are contacted where the piece was removed from the pocket wall.

Primary Mineral(s): Apophyllite
Secondary Mineral(s): Stilbite
Matrix: N/A

7 cm x 8 cm
395 Gms

Locality: Nashik, Maharashtra, India
Year of Discovery: 2021

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