Apophyllite green disco formation on Stilbite Natural Mineral Specimen # B 1625

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Apophyllite Disco Ball with Stilbite Description:

A lovely partial radial cluster of very lustrous, light mint-green, cubically-tipped apophyllite crystals with creamy white Stilbite, from the now-famous 2001 find.
These are becoming increasingly difficult to come by in recent years, and they have earned the moniker "disco balls" for good reason. In person, they have an incredible radiance. The iridescent stilbite blades at the base add a wonderful touch.
This specimen is in fantastic condition from the front, but it is cleft on the side and back, which is not visible unless you turn it over (see photos, which are best description of the piece). Certainly one of the Deccan Traps' Great Finds.
Today, good ones are hard to come by at a fair price.

Primary Mineral(s): Apophyllite

Secondary Mineral(s): Stilbite

Size : 16 cm x 11 cm
Weight : 730 gm

Locality: Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India
Year of Discovery: 2021

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