Apophyllite with Pink Stilbite on Chalcedony Stalactite Natural Mineral Specimen # B 4621

  • $ 100.00

A beautiful show specimen with crisp, glossy, pale to colourless Apophyllite crystals with slight bladed pink Stilbite on a matrix of pastel purplish Chalcedony stalactites. The specimen is in excellent condition, and it is very displayable. Doubly-terminated, In reality, many Apophyllites are doubly-terminated and resemble diamonds since the ends are entirely WATER CLEAR. 

Primary Mineral(s): Apophyllite
Secondary Mineral(s): Stilbite
Matrix: Chalcedony

10 cm x 6 cm
Weight : 250 Gms

Locality: Nashik, Maharashtra, India
Year of Discovery: 2021

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