Cavansite with Stilbite on Heulandite - #A12

  • $ 1,800.00

A gorgeous formation of Cavansite sits directly at the center of this hand trimmed matrix of sparkling white Heulandite. The Canvansite and the matrix share an aesthetic congruence. A fan of stilbite blades accompanies just to the left. Because of its rarity and difficulty to mine, Cavansite is rarely collected. Cavansite is usually blue in color, with shades ranging from ultramarine blue to greenish blue.

8.5cm x 7cm x 9.5cm
Weight: 1.2lbs

Primary Mineral(s): Cavansite
Secondary Mineral(s): Stilbite
Matrix: Heulandite

Locality: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Year of Discovery: 2019

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