Green Apophyllite with Spikey Mordenite with Stilbite (Large) # B 4241

  • $ 3,599.99

The well-prepared, large cabinet, elongated basalt vesicle is spectacularly covered with snow-white, spiky balls of Mordenite. Snow-white spikeballs of brittle mordenite needles are a super compliment to the gemmy and lustrous, light mint-green, apophyllite crystals on this very aesthetic specimen from Pune. Some of the apophyllite crystal terminations go to colorless atop the green. This is a relatively uncommon and outstanding combination specimen from Pune and looks great from either side. Stilbite is a superb compliment to the Mordenite.

Primary Mineral(s): Apophyllite
Secondary Mineral(s): Stilbite, Mordenite
Matrix: N/A

30 cm x 35 cm
5.850 KGs

Locality: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Year of Discovery: 2021

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