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Okenite Balls Attached to MM Quartz Geode # M24

  • $ 700.00

Aids You To Be Aware Of The Karmic Cycle

Okenite are unique white crystals that have a quite beautiful shape and form that looks a little like a cotton ball.

This unusual mineral has metaphysical properties that support you to be more truthful and their energy may also help you to be more gentle in your way of speaking the truth.

They are known as stones of karmic grace that help you to release any negative energy related to karmic events still held in your energy field from past lives.

These unusual stones are beneficial when used at any chakra, aiding self forgiveness and clearing guilt... to aid the cycle to complete. 


Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Year Of Find: 2000
Chemical Composition: CaSi2O5·2H2O

Benefits of Okenite

Okenite Healing Properties:

Okenite can encourage a good flow of milk for nursing mothers. It can stimulate and improve upper body circulation as well.

It’s also known to reduce fevers and ease nervous disorders.

Okenite can assist with the treatment of blood diseases and stomach problems. It can also help slow down the aging process.

This stone is also known to be very beneficial in balancing emotions and hormonal changes.

Key words: Inter-dimensional awareness

Chakras: Crown, third eye
Elements: Wind, Earth
Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra
Number: 7

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