Okenite Balls Inside Geode, Mumbai India # M87

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Aids You To Be Aware Of The Karmic Cycle

Okenite are unique white crystals that have a quite beautiful shape and form that looks a little like a cotton ball.
This unusual mineral has metaphysical properties that support you to be more truthful and their energy may also help you to be more gentle in your way of speaking the truth.

They are known as stones of karmic grace that help you to release any negative energy related to karmic events still held in your energy field from past lives.

The meaning of the name of this crystal relates to it being called after the German naturalist Lorenz Oken, spelled Ocken in his mother language. Therefore it was first called Ockenite, but was later changed to the current spelling.


Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Year Of Find : 2006
Chemical Composition : Ca3[Si6O15]•6(H2O

Benefits of Okenite

Okenite Healing Properties:
Okenite is known as a stone of karmic grace. Not everyone knows about what the meaning of karmic grace is, as it is a quite tricky concept.

So lets first think about the meaning of karma. Karma is generally related to the receiving of either punishment or reward for the good or bad deeds done while on earth.

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