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The name of this stone relates to the Greek word "stilbein" which means to glitter or shine. This is related to the way many of these stones have a bright shiny appearance.

They can form in a number of ways, including as long flat tabular crystals, globular, in a pyramid-like shape, a bow tie formation, and many have an unusual twisty way of forming. Twinning is also common.

They occur in combination with other crystals from the Zeolite family of stones, and it is common to find it growing with Green Apophyllite, Heulandite and Cavansite in particular, as well as with Calcite, Datolite, Prehnite, Analcime and Chabazite.

Stilbite are worthwhile healing stones that will help anyone suffering from insomnia.

They aid you to easily slip into a relaxed state of mind prior to sleep and may stimulate quite profound dreams.

By their action to calm and soothe a chattering mind they also allow you to successfully attain a relaxed mental state.

This makes them advantageous to use during meditation.

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