Stilbite Crystals on Chalcedony Rock, Nashik, India # M60

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Aid Grief or Loss, Ease Insomnia And Are Helpful For Meditation

The name of this stone relates to the Greek word "stilbein" which means to glitter or shine. This is related to the way many of these stones have a bright shiny appearance.

They can form in a number of ways, including as long flat tabular crystals, globular, in a pyramid-like shape, a bow tie formation, and many have an unusual twisty way of forming. Twinning is also common.

Although many stones are white or colorless as well as a peachy orange shade, their color can also be black, brown, blue, green, red, pink, apricot or salmon pink.

WEIGHT: 6450.00 GMS

Location: Nashik, Maharashtra, India
Year Of Find: 1998
Chemical Composition: NaCa2Al5Si13O36

Benefits of Stilbite 

Stilbite Healing Properties:

These lovely crystals have a good action to help you to make decisions about all aspects of life. They aid you to resolve questions about your life purpose and may help to clarify your dreams and goals.

Their ability to aid you to reach better conclusions about the direction of your life path can be highly advantageous to assist most areas of life.

Keywords: Clear thinking, expansion of self sense, inner peace, dream enhancement
Chakras: Heart, Third eye, Crown
Element: Wind
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Number: Master number 33

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