Stilbite Terminated Crsytals on Heulandite Natural Mineral Specimen # B 4237

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An aesthetic and sculptural large cluster of intergrown stilbite crystals complemented by the contrasting spare matrix of sparkly reddish Heulandite from recent finds in Aurangabad. The beautiful laminated tabular translucent spearpoints have rich salmon-pink color nicely accented by highly pearlescent lustre. The imposing large blade at one end. Continually amazes with world-class Zeolite Group species and this is a very fine, pristine and artistic large stilbite combination example.

Primary Mineral(s): Stilbite
Secondary Mineral(s): N/A
Matrix: Heulandite

11 cm x 7 cm
180 Gms

Locality: Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
Year of Discovery: 2021

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