About Us

Superb Minerals US is the world leader in Indian geological specimens, located in Tucson, Arizona. Our minerals are found in museums all over the world, including Smithsonian, Harvard University's Mineralogical and Geological Museum, and our own Gargoti Mineral Museum in India. 


The company was incorporated in 2000 by its current leadership team, with a goal to promote Indian zeolite minerals and associated minerals, in their natural specimen form. Our permanent gallery and warehouse in Tucson, Arizona is open year-round, and hosts as its own featured location during the Tucson Gem Show (the world's biggest and most-cherished gem show). We offer the general public a look at one of the largest private fine mineral exhibitions in the city!

Our Vision

Next to our goal of shining light on 65+ million-year-old Indian Zeolite specimens for the world to see are customer service and transparency. Our experts focus on products in their natural state, and never compromise on quality, which has allowed us to earn a spot in the international spotlight, even as a niche within the niche of mineral specimens!

Zeolites are largely a rescue mission — as mechanized basalt mining in India becomes more efficient, 90-95 percent of specimens are destroyed — so our mission is to rescue as much as we can. Each discovery is by chance, whether from a pocket in basalt mines or formations found while drilling a water well. From the Himalayas to Nasik to Tamil Nadu and Karala, Superb Minerals is waiting with tools in hand to bring you the finest minerals from India!

"Discover a unique collection of Zeolites & related minerals, and experience a whole new world of natural beauty."

Our Partners
Superb Minerals USA procures all its inventory through its cooperation with Superb Minerals India Pvt. Ltd. India. Who are the direct source from the mines in India  We work hard to maintain mutually beneficial partnerships and understand strong, long-term relationships drive our business. If your company is interested in pursuing a business association with us, please contact us today.



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