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Established in 1994 Superb Minerals is the biggest source of Collectible Natural Minerals & Crystals coming from India. Based in Tucson, AZ & headquartered in India, Superb Minerals is involved in direct mining & rescuing of minerals in the Deccan Traps of India. As most of mineral finds in India turn into rubbles due lack of knowledge about these minerals & techniques used for mining. Many Fine Mineral Specimens sourced by Superb Minerals over the years are now important fragments of famous museum & private collections across the globe. Superb Minerals’ 12000 sq.ft. showroom in Tucson, AZ is the biggest display of Collectible Indian Minerals in the world.

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Key Players


Krishna Chandra Pandey-Founder & Chairman

Fondly known as KC amongst the mineral lobby, he was an Aeronautical Engineer in the Indian Navy. Post his retirement from the Indian Defence Services, he laid the foundation of Superb Minerals in 1994. Since then KC’s perseverance & hard work has made Superb Minerals the market leader in the field of Indian Collectible Minerals. KC, still continues to lead Superb Minerals, motivating & supporting each member.

Ramesh Chandra Pandey-Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman

Fondly known as RC amongst the mineral lobby, he has worked along with his older brother KC since the day of Superb Minerals’ inception. RC & KC are known as the Dynmic Duo of Indian Collectible Minerals. RC is an expert in mineral procurement with decades of experience.

Kulin Pandey-President

Current heading Superb Minerals’ operations in the United States, Kulin has lived the mineral business since his childhood, accompanying his father KC on field trips. A true leader in the making for Superb Minerals.

Dhaval Pandey-Director

With a Masters in Management & International Business from Birmingham City University, Dhaval has been following the footsteps of his father KC & brother Kulin. Heading Superb Minerals’ vast operations in India, Dhaval also plays a key role in the global visibility of the company.

Ankit Pandey-Director

Ankit is the youngest of the Pandey Clan working for Superb Minerals. An expert in the digital spectrum, Ankit heads Superb Minerals’ e-commerce & digital campaigns. He has represented Superb Minerals at various exhibitions in United States, China, Germany & France.

Gargoti, The Mineral Museum

Under the leadership of Krishna Chandra Pandey, the Pandey Family is also the founder & curator of Gargoti, The Mineral Museum (Nashik, India), which is India’s First & Only gem & mineral museum since 2001. The Gargoti Museum is an initiative by the Pandey Clan to educate the people of India about the magnificent mineral wealth arising from their motherland, subsequently leading to more rescue & conservation of minerals in India.

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