Ankit Pandey

KC & Ankit with Dr.Robert


Ankit Ramesh Pandey is Mr.R.C.Pandey’s youngest child. Ankit being just 22 years of age is the youngest member of Superb Minerals India.

Ankit too was inclined towards the family business at very early age.

Ankit started participating in the International Shows in China, Europe & USA from the age of 18. Since Ankit is still in the learning phase of the business, he is been trained by his father (Ramesh) & uncle (KC).

Along with representing Superb Minerals at International Show, Ankit also manages the ankite-commerce business & marking of Superb Minerals. He is also actively involved in the management of Superb’s Gargoti Mineral Museum, Nasik, & is responsible for researching & purchasing handicrafts & minerals from all around the world that is to be sold in the Souvenir Shop of the Gargoti Museum.

Ankit, under the expert guidance of his family is been nurtured for Superb’s future Innovation. Thus, he is been made an active researcher for the expansion of the Museums.

In 2015 Ankit spent 6 months in the USA with his uncle KC, learning, training, researching & understanding the US market by visiting leading Galleries, Dealers, Natural History Museums & Collectors. Ankit is also heading the inventory purchase department of Superb Minerals upcoming Museum Project in Shirdi.

He is also a very enthusiastic miner & never misses a chance to mine new finds in the Deccan belt of India.

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