Museums & Mineral Preservation

Superb Minerals works with many different mining companies to salvage  minerals that would otherwise be discarded. None of our discovered minerals were intentionally being mined for but rather were saved from the original mining efforts.

Mineral Preservation Mineral Preservation Mineral Preservation

Superb Minerals works with existing mines that are mining for hard basalt rock, which is used as a raw material for road construction and construction related purposes.

Without our initiatives, valuable precious minerals would be discarded and abandoned forever by mining companies that have other interests in mind.

We are the world leaders in Indian zeolite preservation and were proud to be ankit quarry environmentally conscience always  paying special attention to respecting the environment while rescuing one of kind specimens.

The first export company  “Superb Minerals India Pvt Ltd”  was created to export and participate in the International Gem & Mineral Shows, which were organized in various countries across the world.

stilbite-presrvationWith no previous business model of any kind to replicate, Superb Minerals blueprint for mineral trading set the benchmark for the industry’s development in India. The decision of exporting these minerals to foreign markets was taken considering the price exploitation by the traditional traders and the unfortunate lack of a domestic market and knowledge of Indian Zeolite Minerals.

During this whole process of growing and expanding, Superb Minerals made sure the uneducated and unrewarded domestic suppliers of his Zeolite Minerals got the right price and the credit they deserved. Subsequently, being a law abiding citizen KC made sure he kept his practices transparent and paid appropriate taxes and mining royalty to the Government when required. He bid conventional methods a firm adieu in order to convert mineral buying in India into an open market.


Gargoti Mineral Museum

Gargoti Indian Minerals Ltd. under the visionary leadership of Connoisseur Mr.K.C.Pandey (KC) has been thriving consistently to conserve the neglected Natural Crystal Wealth & Creations (Zeolite Minerals) of Mother Earth in Deccan Plateau region of India.

It’s a matter of immense concern that not even 1% of these magnificent Natural Crystals which are known as Indian Zeolite Minerals are procured due to lack of knowledge about these crystals to the miners as well as to the common population of India.

Thus, initiating towards the cause of awareness Superb Minerals in his private capacity gargoti entrance has taken up the charge of setting up a chain of Minerals Museums & Natural History Museums to conserve & display Zeolites, Minerals, Crystals, Fossils & Gem stones from India & around the World with the prime motive of educating the population of India about these hidden & neglected magnificent creations of Mother Nature.

Ascending towards his vision Superb Minerals gave India its 1st Mineral Museum named  “Gargoti, The Mineral Museum” in Nasik. Considering the positive impact of this venture on the visitors, Superb Minerals in association with Indian Ministry of Textile & Handicraft shaped a Gallery of these Natural Crystals & Handicrafts in the heart of India’s capital New Delhi.

Superb Minerals is now all set to launch Asia’s biggest Natural History Museum in the Holy Town of Shirdi, which is most visited tourist town of Western India due to famous Shrine of Lord Sai Baba. The motive behind this venture remains the same i.e. to educate more & more people about these spell bounding natural creations of Nature.

gargoti mineral-preservation1 gargoti


We request all lovers and connoisseurs of nature to come forward and lend a helping hand to this noble initiative by acquiring a stunning souvenir from KC's enviable collection.  See more