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Azurite-malachite Natural Mineral Specimen # B 6792

Azurite-malachite Natural Mineral Specimen # B 6792

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Features :
Primary Mineral(s): Azurite
Secondary Mineral(s): malachite

Size : 3.5 Inch x 3 Inch
Weight : 441 Gms

Locality: Mexico

Experience the captivating beauty and energy of this Azurite-Malachite Natural Mineral Specimen. This exquisite stone, formed from the combination of azurite and malachite, showcases a stunning blend of deep blues and vibrant greens, each telling a unique story of its formation. Azurite, known for its deep blue hues, and malachite, renowned for its striking green patterns, come together in a harmonious display of colors and energies. Azurite-malachite is believed to enhance intuition, insight, and emotional healing, making it not only a stunning addition to your collection but also a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. Add this Azurite-Malachite specimen to your space and invite its soothing and uplifting energies into your life."

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