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Calcite (twin) (rare locality specimen) Natural Mineral Specimen # B 5130

Calcite (twin) (rare locality specimen) Natural Mineral Specimen # B 5130

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This piece is a great quality, sharp, well-formed, lustrous, gemmy / translucent, attractive scalenohedral Calcite crystal, but if you look on the top / back portion, you'll see that it has formed a most interesting twin with another Calcite crystal. The color ranges from a rich light honey-golden hue in the center to nearly colorless on the ends. The main Calcite is in good shape, though it is cleaved on the base, and has a small contacted area on the back of the upper portion of the crystal. If you collect worldwide Calcites or twinned crystals,

Primary Mineral(s): Calcite

Secondary Mineral(s): N/A
Matrix: N/A

5.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch
Weight : 500 Gms

Locality: Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
Year of Discovery: 2021

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