Epi-Stilbite Inside MM Quartz Geode Natural Mineral Specimen # B 4776

  • $ 200.00

A rare specimen with magnificent, complete, radial aggregates of white, bladed Epistilbite across and poised on the basalt matrix. The complete Epistilbite group is undamaged, and the item stands out brilliantly. Keep in mind that the bulk of Epistilbite crystals discovered outside of India are micros, and the best specimens of this uncommon Zeolite species are found in India. Don't let this eye-catching beauty pass you by.

Primary Mineral(s): Epi Stilbite
Secondary Mineral(s): Mm Quartz
Matrix: N/A

7 Inch x 5 Inch
Weight : 0.75 Kgs

Locality: Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India
Year of Discovery: 2021

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