Fluorapophyllite with Stilbite on Chalcedony Natural Mineral Specimen # B 4789

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On this excellent enormous combination from this important Jalgaon location, a beautiful, huge, blocky bi-hued tetragonal apophyllite is dramatically framed by light peach coloured stilbites.
The eye-catching glassy, translucent cube features a rich mint-green body, a scalloped sparkling white termination, and lovely modified corners.
Although common in theory, Indian minerals at their pinnacle of discovery truly stand out as among the best the world has to offer, yet prices for the greatest Indian minerals are still orders of magnitude lower than costs for common mineral species.

Primary Mineral(s): Green Apophyllite
Secondary Mineral(s): Stilbite
Matrix: Chalcedony

4 Inch x 3 Inch
Weight : 185 Gms

Locality: Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India
Year of Discovery: 2021

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