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MANGO QUARTZ Rare Natural Mineral Specimen # B 6807

MANGO QUARTZ Rare Natural Mineral Specimen # B 6807

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Features :
Primary Mineral(s): Quartz
Secondary Mineral(s): N/A

Size : 5 Inch x 4 Inch
Weight : 465 Gms

Locality: Colombia

his rare quartz is only found near the mountains in the heart of the Colombian Emerald district, Cabiche, Quipama Boyaca. Our mining community works with the local pastor to ensure that these special crystals are fairly traded and artisanally mined from source.

Halloysite is the rare mineral ore that gives the quartz the juicy yellow colour. It is also known as Corona quartz due to the fibres of Halloysite creating the multi strand or 'nano tube' terminations seen in some of the clusters.

Mango Quartz is a powerful stone for manifestation and mental clarity. It’s a catalyst crystal for making positive changes in life, empowering you to make decisions that light up your soul. It has an incredible ability to clear the auric field of stagnant energy, and invite in creativity and vibrancy. A dose of Vitamin C, straight to the solar plexus.

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