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Mesolite on Mordenite Natural Mineral Specimen # DK195

Mesolite on Mordenite Natural Mineral Specimen # DK195

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The Aesthetic Beauty of Mesolite: A Hemispherical Porcupine Quill Spray

An impressive and gorgeous hemispherical porcupine quill spray composed of glassy mesolite needles, resembling a delicate white cotton ball, is elegantly displayed on a stand. Its visual impact is truly breathtaking.

Mesolite, while captivating, demands careful handling due to its inherent brittleness. Named after the Greek term “Mesos,” meaning “middle,” and “Lithos,” signifying “stone,” mesolite occupies an intermediary position in a mineral series between natrolite and scolecite.

This exquisite specimen invites us to appreciate the delicate balance between fragility and beauty — a testament to the intricate processes that shape our Earth’s geological wonders. Whether you’re a collector, scientist, or simply an admirer of natural marvels, mesolite’s allure is undeniable.

Primary Mineral(s): Mesolite
Secondary Mineral(s): Mordenite

Size : 5.5 Inch x 5 Inch
Weight : 1 lb

Locality: Nashik, Maharashtra, India

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