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Pentagonite on Heulandite geode Self Standing Natural Mineral Specimen # B 6758

Pentagonite on Heulandite geode Self Standing Natural Mineral Specimen # B 6758

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Features - 

Primary Mineral(s): Pentagonite
Secondary Mineral(s): Heulandite

Size : 3 Inch x 2.5 Inch
Weight : 410 gm

Locality: Pune , Maharashtra, India

🌟 Behold the Uncommon Beauty: This extraordinary Pentagonite specimen hails from the renowned Wagholi Quarry outside Pune, India – the exclusive source for collector-quality Pentagonite. The deep, mesmerizing blue hue, akin to its relative Cavansite, sets the tone for a truly exceptional piece. What makes Pentagonite stand out? Its unique needle-like crystal habit, beautifully showcased in this specimen.

✨ A Symphony of Elements: Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of elements – a stunning cluster of Pentagonite artistically nestled into a Heulandite Base vug, resting upon a rich, dark brown basalt matrix. The result? A harmonious masterpiece that captivates with its breathtaking color, striking contrast, impeccable symmetry, and crystal arrangement.

🔍 Unveiling Perfection: This specific specimen boasts an impressive 3-inch by 3.5-inch size and a weight of 155 grams, making it a substantial and visually striking addition to any collection.

🌏 Journey to Pune, Maharashtra: Trace the origins of this rare find to the Wagholi Quarry in Pune, Maharashtra, India – a locality renowned for yielding the most exceptional Pentagonite specimens. Each piece is a testament to the geological wonders concealed within the earth.

💎 Pristine Condition: Rest assured, this Pentagonite on Heulandite specimen is in brilliant condition, meticulously preserved for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Embrace the opportunity to own a piece of geological history.

Don't miss the chance to own a piece of the extraordinary – a Pentagonite on Heulandite specimen that encapsulates the beauty, rarity, and geological significance of the Wagholi Quarry. Elevate your collection with this captivating masterpiece!

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