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Quartz Spear with Rare Hexagon Mica with Feldspar Natural Mineral Specimen # B 6817

Quartz Spear with Rare Hexagon Mica with Feldspar Natural Mineral Specimen # B 6817

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Primary Mineral(s): Quartz 
Secondary Mineral(s): Mica

Size: 9 Inch x 6 Inch
Weight : 1288 Gms

Locality: Kadavur, Karur, Tamil Nadu India

Step into a world where time stands still and marvel at a piece of Earth's history frozen in stone. This natural mineral specimen, a Quartz Spear from the depths of Kadavur, Karur, Tamil Nadu, is not just a geological wonder but a storyteller of ancient times.

Imagine the year 1979, when this magnificent specimen was unearthed, revealing a smoky Quartz spear adorned with rare hexagonal Mica and Feldspar. Each mineral, a character in its own right, contributes to the allure of this specimen.

The Quartz spear, a symbol of strength and clarity, holds within it the secrets of the Earth's deep past. Its formation, a masterpiece of nature's artistry, captivates with its sheer elegance. But what truly sets this specimen apart is the hexagonal Mica, glistening like emerald jewels, adding a touch of mystique and enchantment.

Accompanying the Quartz and Mica is Feldspar, its subtle shimmer adding depth and intrigue. Together, these minerals create a symphony of colors and textures, a visual delight for the senses.

Discovered in Kadavur, Karur, a region known for its rich mineral deposits, this specimen is more than just a piece of rock. It is a testament to the Earth's vast and diverse landscapes, a reminder of the forces that shape our planet.

Imagine this specimen adorning your home or office, sparking conversations and igniting imaginations. Each glance reveals a new detail, a new story waiting to be told.

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